It’s almost Book A Day May!

What is Book A Day May? Well, I’m glad you asked. BADM is a 31 Day reading challenge that I have invented for myself and that I am inviting anyone who is interested to participate in. I’ve raided my To-Be-Read stacks for any LGBTQIA+ books that have gone unread and I put in a bunch of requests at my local library. I am pumped up for this reading party.


And what does that mean over here at A Queerer Mirror? Well, mostly it means I’ll be reading my face off for the next month and telling you all about everything I read. That means (hopefully!) that you’ll have 31 new recommendations by the end of May. Summer reading here you come! Now I’m going to try to make sure every level reader has something reviewed, but, to be totally honest, a lot of what is available is targeted at you YA folks. It’s not fair and not cool, but it’s what we’re working every day to change. So with that said, I promise to do my very best to make sure I have a good variety, but bear with me if pickings are a little slim. It’s about to be the time of year where I head out to big book conventions to see what new awesome stuff is coming down the line but for now I gotta work with what I got.

More to come soon, but for now what’s a book you are excited to read this summer? It doesn’t have to be a one-day read, just something that’s been on your To-Be-Read list that you’re finally ready to tackle. Let me know down below! And if you want to jump on the Book A Day Bandwagon, let me know about that, too. Maybe I’ll even have some swag made up for everyone who participates. 😀

PS- You can also join the convo on Twitter. Just tweet #bookadaymay to @aqueerermirror.

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