Let’s talk superheroes/superheroines

This week’s topic, as you can see, is superheroes/heroines. This is kind of a tough subject for queer representation, but I’ve dug up a few titles that I think you all will be into. Lots of apologies to my youngest readers, but I had no luck finding awesome queer superheroes in anything younger than a middle grade book. Super sorry. But let me know if you know of any and I’ll make sure to put them up. Hit me up in the comments and let’s talk saving the world.

For Middle Graders


The House of Hades

So what’s it about? This is the fourth installment of the Heroes of Olympus series, which is a spin-off of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This series, in a nutshell, is about seven young demigods (half-bloods) banding together to save the world from an ancient goddess and a terrible prophesy.

What makes it queer? This particular book is the first in the series to explicitly state a character’s queerness. And that’s all I’m going to tell you because I really, really, really don’t want to give anything away.

How awesome is it? It’s awesome enough that it was definitely worth reading the previous series and the early books in this series to get to this one. This book gives the world one of its first queer heroes in a book for younger readers, which is super important because LGBTQ+ folks are every bit as capable of being heroes and heroines as our straight allies!

For Young Adults



So what’s it about? Thom Creed, our main character, is in the process of discovering some pretty cool things about himself. Among those cool things? Well, super powers. Which generally would be pretty cool, except Thom’s dad was a superhero hopeful once upon a time who got rejected by the group that is currently trying to recruit Thom. Awkward.

What makes it queer? Let’s just say Thom’s superpowers aren’t the only thing he’s having a bit of trouble coming to terms with.

How awesome is it? It’s gotta be a pretty good read to land a Lammy award, for starters. That’s right, in 2008 LAMBDA Literary named this the best new YA book of the year. Pretty flipping awesome.

A little bonus


Young Avengers

So what’s it about? Seven superheroes/heroines band together to save the world. (That sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?) These characters feel super contemporary and in between saving the world, you’ll see them dealing with parents, going to therapy, and basically acting like normal teenagers.

What makes it queer? Almost every member of this group falls somewhere on the queer spectrum.

How awesome is it? See above. Most of the time queer characters in books get the short end of the stick. There’s only one or maybe two if they’re lucky enough to get a love interest and generally they are relegated to sidekick status. Not so with the Young Avengers. These are not people who are interested in being unimportant sidekicks and that is ridiculously awesome.

Til next time. Happy reading!



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