Free Books: Take 2

Hi Readers!

First off, thanks to all who responded to the previous free books post. If you responded and haven’t seen my response on that page or otherwise heard from me, please send me a message via the Contact page.

Second, welcome to the Queerer Mirror book club Michelle Miller, Ayana M, and CatchKellysFancy. And thanks for being the inaugural members of this little venture. I look forward to hearing what you think of your books.

And finally, there are still two openings for inaugural club members who would like to receive a free book in exchange for letting me know what you think of it. These are all books that could be featured on this site and that I think you will love.  If you’re into it, leave a comment below or on the original post. We also still need an awesome name, so feel free to leave a suggestion and, if I pick yours, I promise a fun prize will be headed your way.

Short and sweet today. And next week is spring break so I’ll be out of pocket for a bit, which means no new posts until Tuesday 4/18 when we’ll talk about SUPERHEROES and SUPERHEROINES!

Til then, happy reading!

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