Let’s talk Memoirs

Hi Readers!

First of all, thanks to all of you who replied to the last post. I’m going to give it a couple more days to see if we gain any more book clubbers and then I’ll get in touch with anyone who commented.

And now for the good stuff. I’m super excited because this week we’re talking about memoirs and biographies. This area of the shelf can get overlooked because people assume the books are dull and dry. But these books have gone through a major change in the last decade and what you find on the shelves now is not even slightly boring.

So, without further ado…

For Early Readers

jazzI am Jazz

So what’s it about? Jazz is a little girl who realized early on that how she felt on the inside didn’t match what people saw on the outside.

What makes it queer? Jazz is transgender.

How awesome is it? This is an amazing book that tells one little girl’s story in an open and honest way and helps explain what it means to be transgender.

For Middle Graders

letterqThe Letter Q

So what’s it about? So this is not exactly a traditional biography and that’s actually what makes it great. This book is a bunch of authors writing letters to their younger selves. What that means is that we get to read a bunch of mini-bios from a lot of cool people.

Quick note- due to a couple of letters being geared toward slightly older past selves, I think probably my older middle grade readers would do best with this one. If you’re a little younger, this might be a good one to read with an adult you trust in case you have any questions.

What makes it queer? All of these authors identify somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

How awesome is it? It’s a really neat thing to be able to read about how these successful people dealt with a lot of the same crap you’ve probably dealt with yourself. These letters give some insight into what they wish they’d known when they were about the same age as you.

For Young Adults

girlheartsgirlGirl Hearts Girl

So what’s it about? You might recognize Lucy Sutcliffe from YouTube, where she regularly posted videos that eventually lead to the writing of this book. This is the story of someone coming into her sexuality and going through some pretty big things along the way. More than anything, though, this is a love story.

What makes it queer? As you’ve probably guessed based on the title, it’s the story of two girls falling in love.

How awesome is it? This book reads like fiction and I mean that in the best possible way. I could not put this story down.

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