Let’s talk science fiction?

So, the plan for this week was to dig up some super awesome sci-fi for you super awesome readers. This plan, however, did not go nearly as well as planned. I found some fantasy and some romance and lots of other books that we’ll talk about on other days. But what I did not find was good queer sci-fi for young readers. Legit, I could not find anything that I felt like fulfilled those three criteria and would be worth reading. So I’m putting this one out there to all of you. I’m on the struggle bus with this one and can’t find anything. Anyone know of something great that I missed? Maybe a great series or a booklist that celebrates these three awesome things? Because I’m coming up empty and it is a bummer.

In the meantime, though, here’s a cute puppy video to offset today’s lack of recommendations.

Til next time!

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