Let’s talk Fairy Tales

So today’s post is a super quicky because, alas, grad school is super hard and I am a crazy busy lady right now. So let’s get right to it.

For my younger friends, I have…

kingKing and King

So what’s it about? So there’s a queen who is pretty over being the boss and wants to retire, but won’t until her kid, the prince, gets married. Bring on the princess procession! Only our prince is just not into any of these lovely ladies…

What makes it queer? I’m feeling like it’s pretty clear from the title.

How awesome is it? It is ridiculously refreshing to see a picture book that shows that love comes in all forms. Big props on breaking new ground.


And for my YA crowd…


So what’s it about? This is a Cinderella story. But only if you turned Cinderella inside out and upside down and shook it a bit. The protagonist, Ash, is in a pickle. Parents dead and things aren’t going so great with the stepmom. And that’s about where the similarities with the original end.

What makes it queer? Ash doesn’t run off to the ball to find a prince. She’s much too busy wandering the world with the King’s Huntress.

Why is it awesome? Sometimes retellings of fairy tales can feel a little stale and overdone. This is definitely not one of those stories. Ash is the queer protagonist that you might barely have dared to wish for. And as for her supporting characters? You’d have to look for a long time to find any as complicated and intriguing as Kaisa the Huntress or Sidhean the fae.


Now, because you are all brilliant and observant, you’ve probably noticed there’s no middle grade choice today. And I’m gonna be honest, that’s because I could not find one book that combined queer themes with fairy tales for my MG pals. Have you found any? Share them below pretty please. I’ve been going nutty trying to find something awesome for you lovely readers!

And make sure you come back next week. I’m going to attempt to find some queer sci-fi for you.

Ta til then. And, as always, happy reading!

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