Let’s talk Travel

Not too long ago, I had a super exciting chance to jet off to London. Now, for a gal who has never left US soil, this was a HUGE deal to me. And one of the things I wanted to do the most while I was there was check out the book scene for you lovely readers. Today I’m going to show and tell you a little about what I discovered.

First of all, books look totally different over there. Even books that you know super well and have read so many times they’re falling apart might not be immediately recognizable on a London bookshelf. The covers are changed to reflect the audience. And while I knew that in theory, in reality I was surprised by how different things look.

Like this one…

David Levithan’s Two Boys Kissing is nice enough looking in the US, but the UK cover is AMAZING.

Or this one from John Green…

I mean, I would never look at these covers and think they represented the same book.

It also seemed like the LGBTQ+ books were just really visible and easy to find in the bookstores I walked into. Although that could have been because I knew what I was looking for! But there were some great finds that I’ve never seen before, even for the youngest of readers.

I’ve definitely never seen those two displayed here in the states, although, to be fair, I’ve seen plenty of others. Still, pretty great to find new books.

But the coolest thing I saw by far was…


A bookstore entirely devoted to queer books!

This place was fantastic. And there aren’t a ton of LGBTQ+ focused bookstores anywhere in the world, so stumbling upon this one was especially delightful.

London was definitely this book nerd’s dream come true. What about you? What’s your dream destination? Where do you imagine yourself browsing the shelves and seeing the sights? Dream big! And tell me all about it in the comments. Happy Reading!


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