Let’s talk Graphic Novels

But seriously, let’s talk about graphic novels. Because they are THE BEST. Graphic novels paint you a vivid picture of the world you’re jumping into and tell all kinds of stories. And these novels are getting better and better every day. In today’s recommendations, you get a fairy tale, a memoir, and a fantasy, all wrapped up in graphic packages. It’s brilliant. Graphic novels can really take you on a complete vacation from the world. So give them a glance and hit me up in the comments if you have any that you think I should check out. Happy Reading!


princessPrincess Princess Ever After

So what’s it about? Princess Sadie is stuck in a tower. And she has completely had it with the gaggle of princes that keep showing up promising to rescue her. Princess Amira is a smart, prepared adventurer who is not interested in playing the role of weak little girl. Together they’re two girls taking on all the obstacles the world throws in their way.

What makes it queer? Sadie rejects the idea of needing a prince to rescue her and sets off on a grand adventure with a princess that doesn’t play by the rules. Together they have to learn that there are all kinds of ways to happily ever after.

How awesome is it? This is the fairy tale that every kid needs on the shelf. It is beyond awesome to see all kinds of princesses taking on the world and doing it their own way.



So what’s it about? The Lumberjanes are a group of young women spending the summer at a camp for “Hardcore Lady Types.” Just on that line alone, I am hooked. But they quickly come to discover that this is no ordinary camp. Nope, they come face to face with all kinds of mysteries and oddities and face them down with crazy amounts of nerve and tons of smarts.

What makes it queer? At some point in this series, one of the main characters is going to talk very frankly about her gender identity and become the insta-role model that you didn’t know you needed.

How awesome is it? I mean, 26,854 people on Goodreads have conspired to give it ~4 stars, which is not bad at all. So, if 26,854 people are digging it, odds are pretty good that you will too.


honorHonor Girl

So what’s it about? Honor Girl is another book about summer camp. Only with some pretty big differences. Camp Bellflower is a real place and the author, Maggie, really did spend some pretty memorable summers there. But the summer described in this book… well that may have been the most memorable of all.

What makes it queer? Maggie spends this summer coming to terms with her feelings for another girl. But the girl she’s into? She’s not just any girl… but I’m not spoiling it for you here!

How awesome is it? This is a beautifully illustrated graphic memoir that tells the story of one life-changing summer. Definitely a must read.

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